Welcome to the Working Parents & Skater Volunteer Page!

The Syracuse Figure Skating Club would like to thank the parents and skaters who volunteered their time this past year to help our Club run smoothly. We realize your time is valuable, but to make our Club successful, it takes everyone’s help to get the job done.  Just as the board members volunteer their time to coordinate, manage and organize all of the behind the scene administration of our Club and Skate School, your volunteer time is important and necessary too.  Therefore, as part of your Club membership, we are asking the following:

Club Member’s Family: Each family is required to have a Working Parent over the age of 18 volunteer for a total of 20 45-minute sessions during the membership year as a Working Parent – 8 sessions prior to November 15th and 12 more sessions between November 15th and June 30th.  This includes working as a Desk Monitor or in the Music Room.  For every 10 sessions worked as a Desk Monitor or in the Music Room, the skater will receive credit for one ice session to be used toward their package or a walk-on fee. Please note that Working Parents are responsible for finding a replacement if they cannot make their scheduled session.  The Working Parent may then contact the Volunteer Coordinator to reschedule the missed session.

Skate Club Member: Each skater is required to volunteer at least 2 times prior to November 15th and 3 more times between November 15th and June 30th. Skaters are needed to assist during Skate School as Junior Coaches, Skate School Assistants and Rental Room volunteers.

In addition to the above, each Club member’s family is required to volunteer for 1 time slot at our annual Ice Show in April AND for 1 time slot any competition or test session the club hosts during the membership year.  A separate sign-up will be in place for those assignments.

Applications for a waiver or alternative volunteer opportunity may be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Collegiate and Coaching members of the Syracuse Figure Skating Club, Inc. as exempt from this policy.

If, for some reason, there is no desk monitor signed up ahead of time ice will have to be cancelled.

Please click the box to take you to our Working Parent & Volunteer Sign-Up.


Job Description Document
Desk Monitor -Club Ice: Sign-In skaters, count skaters in each session, collect and log fees, verify Guest Skater paperwork, and monitor the safety of our skaters.
Desk Monitor – Skate School: Assist Skate School students and parents to the right classes and take payments.
Music Room – Club Ice: Play music for skaters and coaches. Announce end times of Club Ice sessions.
Junior Coach – Skate School:

 Job Description
Group Lesson Asst. – Skate School: Assist Instructors with Skate School. Members interested in assisting must be at least 12 years old, have filled out an application that has been approved by the Board, and should have completed their CER course work online.

Job Description


Rental Room – Skate School: Club Members sit in the Rental Room and hand out skates to students in Skate School. At the end of the Skate School, skates are to be put away and the Rental Room should be tidy.  Club Members under the age of 12 should have a parent to assist them with this job. Thank you.